Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Energy saving heat pumps for swimming pools, spas and Jacuzzis.
Cheaper to maintain than gas heaters, swimming pool heat pumps are a clean, economical way to extract "free heat" from the ambient air. A heat pump draws the natural warmth from the air and uses it to maintain a comfortable temperature.
This is accomplished through a refrigerant vapour compression cycle that transfers heat from one source to another.
It can be compared to a household air conditioning system "in reverse".
Millions worldwide have been enjoying the benefits of swimming pools heated by heat pumps for over two decades.
Heat pumps are dedicated to heat your pool water to comfortable temperatures and extend your swimming season for several months. The heat pump will catch the air calories, heat them through the compressor and diffuse them back into the pool water. The investment soon becomes profitable due to the low electricity consumption (on average, for every 1kW of input power consumed, 5.0 to 6kW output energy is provided) in comparison with standard heating systems such as conventional elements. The installation of a heat pump ensures a stable water temperature during the entire swimming season and protects the efficiency of your water treatments.
We offer several models of heat pumps sized according to the volume of your pool. Installation is quick and easy, taking no more than a few hours to complete on average. Standard heat pump sizes range from 5.2kw to 25.0kw.Larger, commercial sized units are available on request

*To be used from an outside temperature of 5°C.
*Silent rotary compressor.
*Water flow setting by manometer.
*Digital display control panel.
*Use of environmentally friendly R407C gas.
*Epoxy coated for a greater resistance to corrosion.
*PVC tank with union to glue on (50mm thread size).
*Titanium heat exchanger for greater chlorine corrosion resistance.
*Low speed fan producing minimum noise levels.

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