Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinators

Just Chlor Salt Chlorinators
Salt water chlorination is a process that uses dissolved salt as a store for traditional chlorination methods. The chlorinator uses electrolysis to break down the salt which is added to your pool water.
The resulting chemical process of this conversion results in the production of hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite which are the main sanitizing agents commonly used in most swimming pools.
As such, a saltwater pool is not actually chlorine-free; it simply utilizes a chlorine generator instead of a direct addition of chlorine to your pool, however this method holds various benefits when compared to traditional pool sanitizing methods.
Just Chlor chlorinators are available in 4 different models, catering for low and high electrode maintenance preferences, and pools varying in size from 10 000L to 120 000L.
The most effective and hygienic way to cut out the astronomical costs and other draw backs of weekly chlorine dosage.
The installation of a chlorinator to your existing pool pump system can cut down monthly chlorine costs by 100%, and significantly reduce usage of other chemicals to ensure a clear pool.
We are suppliers and installers of the Just Chlor brand of pool chlorinators, one of South Africa’s oldest and most trusted names in salt water chlorination.
Locally manufactured control boxes and electrodes from a well-established brand in the South African pool industry ensures effective aftersales service and the ready availability of spares for long term problems many years after your original date of purchase.
Our range of chlorinators are suitable for domestic pools ranging in volume from 10 000L to 140 000L, call us today for an accurate ‘’prescription’’ for your unique pool.
For the servicing and repairs of Just Chlor brand chlorinators, on and off site, call us today for enquiries.
Experience the convenience of a pure chlorine based sanitizer for your pool, from the added health benefits of salt water to the social benefits of greatly reduced swimming pool maintenance.
For spare control box components and replacement electrodes on all Just Chlor brand chlorinators, call us today.
Feel free to contact us at any time for technical advice on new or existing installations.

Salt water chlorination systems hold various benefits for users which place them ahead of traditional chlorination methods for the consumer.
Saltwater is softer to human skin and in particular human hair than direct chlorine injected water, increasing comfort levels when swimming.
Itchy red eyes and flaky, dry skin are typically experienced by the majority of users who employ traditional chlorination methods, however these symptoms are not experienced when using a salt water chlorination system.
Use of a salt water chlorinator eliminates the harsh smell of chlorine in your pool’s water.
Despite a higher initial installation cost, salt water chlorinators are more cost effective in the long term than traditional methods due to the significantly lower cost of salt vs. granular chlorine.
Salt water chlorinators require significantly less maintenance than traditional chlorination methods as salt does not evaporate unlike chlorine, so there is no need apply it regularly.
Salt chlorinators reduce risk and effort by significantly reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that need to be stored and handled on a regular basis such as chlorine and algaecides.
Salt naturally reduces the growth of algae, a problem often experienced by the majority of pool owners.
Salt chlorinators eliminate the harsh smell and taste of granular chlorine, allowing for a more enjoyable swimming experience.
Salt water chlorinated pools will reduce the wear and fading of your swimwear significantly in comparison to granular chlorine.

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