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Jacuzzi & Spa Solar Blankets

Solar Blankets can be very useful for spas, Jacuzzis and hot tubs as they form an insulating layer over the water trapping the heat inside.
These spa solar blankets can be used as a stand alone cover for your spa or can be used with our standard heat retaining spa covers for optimum results.
Solar blankets are not as effective in retaining heat and keeping out the dirt as well as our standard spa covers but when used together it boosts the overall heat retaining capabilities of the standard cover yielding best results.
Solar blankets help cut down the cost of heating up your spa as heat is retained longer, evaporation is reduced and less chemicals are required while giving the added benefit of helping to keep out dust and dirt.
We also offer solar blankets for swimming pools, Jacuzzi & Spa solar blankets are available for any size and shape of spa from the smallest to the largest and are cut to fit your spa's exact measurements.
On site measuring, quotations and delivery available. You can find out more about our high quality solar blankets here.

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