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Exclusive Jacuzzi Covers Master Image www.exclusivespacovers.co.za
www.exclusivespacovers.co.za Exclusive Jacuzzi Covers
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S.A's Best Quality Jacuzzi & Spa Covers

Proud manufacturers of South Africa’s finest spa and Jacuzzi covers, producing beautiful, tough, lightweight and reliable protection for any size or shape Jacuzzi or spa. Made from only the best quality raw materials we ensure that you are able to maximize the benefits gained from these luxury products.
Jacuzzi Covers boost heat retention, prevent damage to easily scratched acrylic shells and drastically reduce running and chemical costs, choose only an Exclusive solution for all your Jacuzzi and spa cover requirements.

Made from carefully selected materials our Spa and Jacuzzi Covers are renowned for their beauty and durability.
Custom made to fit any shape and size, we take great care to ensure top quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.
Our Jacuzzi covers have many aspects that put us way ahead of our competitors including the use of Reinforced Galvanized Steel Centre Support Inserts, High Quality Marine Grade Vinyl and 700gm Premium Grade PVC Materials, High Density A-Grade E.P.S Centre Cores and 250-Micron SABS approved Vapour Sheeting to mention but a few.
We manufacture Jacuzzi and Spa Covers suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

There are a number of small but very important factors that are often overlooked when buying a new spa cover which are important to take into account.
We address each client’s needs on an individualised basis to assist you in making the correct choice for your spa and its surroundings.

Larger mass manufacturers often choose to use inferior quality materials in the production of their covers to try and provide the cheapest product on the market to the public, more often than not resulting in an unhappy customer a few months down the line when the cover starts to perish.

We take each and every aspect of manufacturing our spa covers into close consideration to ensure a superior quality product with the aesthetics and durability to match.

From our beautiful marine grade vinyl outer spa cover sleeves to the more durable UV stabilised premium grade PVC outer materials, we have the solution for any situation.
We only use the finest materials at our disposal leaving the competition lacking in comparison.
Double stitching is applied throughout the cover using premium polyester thread for added strength and special attention is paid to ensure a consistent quality finish.

Industrial quality galvanized C-channel beams are used to reinforce the centre core of the cover and to further provide added strength.
This is a crucial part of any spa cover and is in many cases not present in other cheaper alternatives where plastic strips or no supporting channels are used.

Our high density A-Grade centre cores are tapered from 100mm to 55mm greatly adding to the structural strength of the spa cover and allowing any rain water that might fall on the Jacuzzi cover to freely flow off instead of accumulating on the cover causing it to sag and leading to eventual long term damage.
The centre cores used in our covers are in most cases twice as thick as alternative Jacuzzi covers currently available in South Africa and are more rigid due to them being manufactured from High Density E.P.S. as well as having better heat retention.
250 micron SABS approved vapour sheeting is used to insulate the centre cores of our Jacuzzi covers and prevent moisture from entering and water logging the centre cores.
The vapour sheeting also helps to keep heat inside your spa and prevents evaporation from occurring. Our vapour barrier wont disintegrate or flake over time as is seen with cheaper spa covers.

Double stitched side skirting is used on the outside of the cover to further prevent heat loss and debris from entering the spa.
Safety lock-straps can be added as an optional extra in cases where the spa cover needs to be secured to its surround in order to keep youngsters and small animals out of the spa.
These safety clips are also useful in areas where strong winds may blow the cover off the spa causing damage.
To find out more about what makes our Jacuzzi and spa covers superior,click here.

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