How To Correctly Measure Your Spa For A New Cover

In some cases where it is not possible to do an on-site assessment for a new spa cover a diagram can be drawn and sent through with some photos of the Jacuzzi in order to help us identify your spa and ensure the correct size cover is manufactured. There is currently a huge variety of spas and Jacuzzis available on the South African market, the majority of which we have detailed measurements available for which can easily be compared by the diagrams and images you send to us. In the unlikely case where we cannot identify a spa through a clear image of the shell and we would require a diagram in order to make your cover to the correct size, you can use the following guidelines to help you take down all of your spa’s measurements correctly. Remember to indicate on your drawing if there are bellow buttons or valves on the spa lip etc. for which special recesses have to be cut into the cover. When taking measurements the dimensions should always be taken from the outer edge of the shell. It is highly advisable to send a few photos with your drawing to help us identify areas where shortened side skirts etc. may be required to ensure the perfect fit.

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